Flexibond Adhesive (upto 28m2)

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A Two Part, High Strength, All Over Stick Down Artificial Grass Adhesive



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Flexibond Adhesive (upto 28m2)

Description & Information

Flexibond Adhesive is a two component polyurethane based adhesive system primarily designed for bonding artificial grass or outdoor carpet directly to a rubber shockpad, concrete or tarmacadam base. Alternatively, it is suitable for bonding prefabricated rubber shockpad directly to a sub base of concrete or tarmacadam. 2 part mix, needs mixing well with our adhesive mixing paddle (shown below)

  Designed for bonding artificial grass, outdoor carpets directly to a rubber shockpad or tarmacadam/concrete base
  For bonding rubber or textile shockpad directly to a sub base of concrete/tarmacadam
  Beads or trowels easily onto sub surface.
  Flexible bondline avoids hard glue line under the surface
  Packaging: 10kg + 1.2kg Hardener

 Technical Information

 Safety Data Sheet

Product Specifications

Model Envirostik
Price £49.99
Size 10kg Tub + 1.2Kg Hardner
Coverage 24-28m2

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