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Artificial Grass

  • If I order 4m x 9m will it come as 1 roll on any of the grass?

    Yes its will be supplied as one piece 4m x 9m in all ranges.  Our website will flag up any order we cannot supply as one piece due to size/weight restrictions.

  • Can I Hoover it I want to use it as a carpet in my sons bedroom so it's like a football pitch ?

    Yes you can hoover the grass. Lots of people even do so outside, keeping an old hoover for their balcony / patio areas.


  • Is this grass suitable for children to play on?

    Classic grass has been supplied to many schools and nurseries, so yes it is a very suitable choice.

  • Do you want the brown thatch in the grass?

    Its a round a 50/50 split in that alone.
    We would always recommend requesting one of our sample packs and be guided by the samples.


  • Can I use Classic Grass in a Crossfit Gym for Sledge/Prowler work etc?

    Yes of course, Classic is the idea choice being a short, hard wearing, non directional pile. It seems like we are getting loads of order for this type of gym use. We are also dropshipping for various gym equipment suppliers. Buy direct from us and you can save up to 50% of the cost. Its been so popular we have also introduced a blue colour "Priestfield Grass"


  • Is this grass okay to use for dogs? Will it be okay to pick up after them?

    Yes, a medium height pile allowance easier cleaning up. Rain will naturally prevent any smells, however for badily soiled areas most household disinfectant cleaners can be used just test a small area first, alternatively we sell Astroclean for a nice fresh grass scent.

  • Does water drain through the grass?

    Yes providing that the base material is free draining. Grass rolls have perforation holes pre-punched in the backing that conform to the minimum requirements for sports pitches. Artificial Grass won't cure drainage problems in your garden but certainly won't create any either.

  • Will anything stain the grass?

    No, within reason. Artificial Grasses are either polypropylene or polyethylene, which are forms of plastic. Stubborn marks will not therefore filtrate into the pile fibre and can be wiped clean with the use of hot water and household detergent

  • What is the guarantee?

    All our artificial grasses (except Budget) are guaranteed for at least 10 years. Products have a Europe wide guarantee based on their UV stability. However you can certainly expect to get a life in excess of this period in the UK.

  • How well does it withstand cigarette burns?

    Classic is used outside bars in smoking areas, you can see examples in the Classic Photo Galley.  Its going to melt the plastic a little, however from experience it won't be visible and certain won't result in black burn dots all over the grass.  

  • Should moss be growing in my imitation lawn after four years?

    Check your drainage.  Roll the grass back and check the base.  Seems like you may have a drainage issue and the grass is sitting in standing water.  Once drainage is corrected you can jet wash grass to remove the moss.

  • I am interested in Selhurst stripe artificial grass. As this grass is to be laid on a concrete patio I am wondering if the backing has raised bumps toasts with water drainage?? Need to know this before a purchase

    You can use this grass directly on top of a concrete area, either loose laid or fully bonded with our Flexibond Adhesive.

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