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C-Squared for a Robust more Natural Look


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Boundary-C-Squared® is our favourite, medium pile height grass that has got many advantages. A subtle mix to colours, a strong C-squared® yarn and a pile direction that is close to perfection, make Boundary in to one of the most beloved products of its kind.  Ideal grass for someone looking for a medium pile whilst maintaining a low cost.  Just like all our ranges the pile does not require a sand dressing or weighing down what so ever.  

Bicolours in the straight and root zone for a more natural effect.. 

C-Squared® PE yarn with built in memory bounce back.

Non-Shiny yarn to prevent plastic reflection of sunlight.  


Popular Uses

  Exhibitions and Events
  Gardens and Patios
  General Ball Sports


  Child & Pet friendly
  Laid on sod or sand
  Roofs & balconies

By not offering a fitting service, Express Grass can offer you the very best prices on artificial grass, and we believe you can easily lay your own artificial lawn with a small amount of preparation and a lot of pride.


  Will stay flat under own weight
  Only exposed edges require fixing down
  Any length cut to nearest 10cm
  Easily trimmed with stanley knife
  Widths can be joined for extra coverage


  Low maintenance, never requires watering
  Can easily be swept or hosed down
  Can withstand power washers
  Can be cleaned with household bleach
  Fully UV Stabilised

Boundary Grass Specifications

Price £17.99
Colour Mixed Four Tone
Roll Widths Available 2m, 4m
Pile Length 29mm +/-10%
Weight per m2 2kg +/-10%
Yarn Style PP / PE Flat Blade
Backing 100% PP, UV stabilised, approx 160gr /m2
Guarantee 10 years

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Ask us a Question About this Product

Ask a Question

  • Is your warehouse open weekends to view the range an if possible buy at the same time?

    Yes, we are open on a Saturday from 9am until 1pm. Closed all day on a Sunday.

    You can view our showroom, select your grass and have it cut while you wait.  

    Our address is:

    Tribune Drive
    Trinity Trading Estate 
    ME10 2PG

    If you add our postcode to your satnav it should take you directly to our warehouse door.

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  • Will it be alright to leave the grass rolled up outside until ready to be installed?

    No problem with how you are storing the grass, however don't bend the roll as it will crease and you will have trouble removing them when you come install the grass.

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  • Can I lay Artificial Grass onto existing decking area?

    Yes, All our Artificial Grass ranges can be laid directly on top of decking.  Makes it really easy as the base is already levelled and prepared.

    The size of grass I'm after is 4mtrs x 3mtrs will this come as one piece or individual rolls.
    This will be supplied as one piece of grass 4m x 3m in size.
    Will come rolled on a cardboard core and wrapped in plastic.

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  • Can I lay astro turf onto concrete as want a perfect flat surface?

    Yes concrete that has been laid to a slight fall to allow for drainage is idea. It will create a durable, hard wearing base. Artificial grass installed in commercial areas is usually laid this way in conjunction with flexibond adhesive.

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  • Does the artificial turf need a weed barrier underneath?

    Our ranges all come with a black marine backing that does not allow light to pass. It acts just like a weed membrane. If you have weed barrier material in place already, its fine to lay on top for double protection. All artificial grass either laid with or without a weed membrane's will be subject to weeds after a few years. These mostly occur around the perimeter and in drainage holes. Don't forget that your grass is artificial, unlike real grass spraying of weed killer directly to these problem areas, won't cause any discolouration!


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  • Want to take your artificial grass home with you?

    No problem we'll cut to size while you wait. Save on delivery charges and start your installation the same day.

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  • Can I visit your Warehouse and see the Artificial Grass laid out?

    Unlike other online retailers your welcome to visit our warehouse and showroom without an appointment. Pop in and see us with your measurements and we can show you the best way to complete your artificial grass project.

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  • What is the guarantee?

    All our artificial grasses (except Budget) are guaranteed for at least 10 years. Products have a Europe wide guarantee based on their UV stability. However you can certainly expect to get a life in excess of this period in the UK.

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  • Will anything stain the grass?

    No, within reason. Artificial Grasses are either polypropylene or polyethylene, which are forms of plastic. Stubborn marks will not therefore filtrate into the pile fibre and can be wiped clean with the use of hot water and household detergent

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  • Does water drain through the grass?

    Yes providing that the base material is free draining. Grass rolls have perforation holes pre-punched in the backing that conform to the minimum requirements for sports pitches. Artificial Grass won't cure drainage problems in your garden but certainly won't create any either.

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  • Does the grass have a directional pile?

    All our grass products with the exception of our Classic Range have a slight pile direction along the length of the roll. This is most noticeable when the grass is first unrolled. Once the grass has been installed and brushed it is harder to notice but still need to be taken into consideration when measuring and planning.

    If sections of grass are not laid in the same direction it will create a shade difference that will always look a slightly different colour. Please see our measuring & installation guide to prevent this from happening.


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  • Can I put sand onto compacted mud to level ground and lay turf on top? Want to have garden furniture on turf area.

    Yes sand can go on top of the mud, just needs to be compacted enough so the garden furniture does not sink into the sand base.

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  • Can astroturf be laid on to ashfelt?

    Yes can be laid directly on to an ashfelt type flat roof and well as fibreglass resin roofs.

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  • Can I lay artificial grass indoors onto a wooden floor? How is the best way to install this?

    Yes you can install just like a carpet.  You may want to fix edges and doorways with heavy duty double sided tape.  We sell 50m rolls via the website.  If you already have carpet underlay and gripper installed then customers have reported good results laying directly on top.

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  • Does the grass need pegging down if laid on sand and soil?

    No not if the sides of the grass are up to a edge. Walls, Paths, Gravel Boards, Sleepers anything that can be used as a edge to prevent wind getting under the grass. The artificial grass will not curl at the edges or wrinkle in the middle, they are all designed to loose lay. Just prevent any exposed edges lifting in high winds.


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  • Can this product be laid on top of pebbles (pea gravel).

    Yes but you will need to mix in some sharp sand to prevent the pea gravel moving under the grass when walked on.

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  • I am thinking of ordering 4m x 7m roll of the artificial turf will it come in on roll??Cheers

    Yes the grass will come on a 4m roll. Length will be 7m in one piece. Cardboard core to support roll in transport and wrapped in clear plastic.

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  • Hello,I'm looking to order 4m x 4.5m classic turf with shock pad to lay on my decking, how is the best way to lay grass onto shock pad,adhesive tape,glue or nail,thanks.

    All our artificial grass ranges are designed to keep flat on their own. They will not curl up at the edges or wrinkle in the middle. The only fixing that is required is on edges that are exposed to the wind. The grass will sit on stapled underlay without .


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  • I have a very small balcony 93cm wide and 181 cm long. How much should I order? Do I need the glue and tape.Many thanks, Emma

    2m x 1m will be enough to cover your balcony.  Available in all ranges

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  • Can artificial grass be laid on slightly uneven paving slabs?

    Yes, however the uneven slabs may show thinner grades of grass.  Don't forget the grass can be loose laid and then rolled back if a problem occurs.

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  • Can you put classic artificial grass on top of a lawn?

    Yes, however would suggest a level of sharp sand first to help with drainage and fully level the area.

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  • Is this grass okay to use for dogs? Will it be okay to pick up after them?

    Yes, a medium height pile allowance easier cleaning up. Rain will naturally prevent any smells, however for badily soiled areas most household disinfectant cleaners can be used just test a small area first, alternatively we sell Astroclean for a nice fresh grass scent.

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  • Can I use Classic Grass in a Crossfit Gym for Sledge/Prowler work etc?

    Yes of course, Classic is the idea choice being a short, hard wearing, non directional pile. It seems like we are getting loads of order for this type of gym use. We are also dropshipping for various gym equipment suppliers. Buy direct from us and you can save up to 50% of the cost. Its been so popular we have also introduced a blue colour "Priestfield Grass"


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  • Is this product suitable for a small garden?

    The style of grass you choose is really guided by your personal taste.  Some people prefer long grass, some the shorter ones.  Some customers prefer a darker green while others a lighter brighter shade.  

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  • Can I Hoover it I want to use it as a carpet in my sons bedroom so it's like a football pitch ?

    Yes you can hoover the grass. Lots of people even do so outside, keeping an old hoover for their balcony / patio areas.


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  • Can I lay artificial grass on to tarmacadam?

    Yes straight on top.  You can use Flexibond Adhesive to stick all over if required.

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  • Where exactly is express grass based?

    Our address is:

    Tribune Drive
    Trinity Trading Estate
    ME10 2PG

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  • Do your grass ranges need dry sand brushed through it like other astro turf suppliers?

    No sand dressing required in any of our grass ranges.  Just unroll, trim to size and brush the pile.  Easy DIY installation.

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  • I would like to use your product put on the roof of my narrowboat,would it be suitable and can it secured with appropriate adhesive?

    Use our Flexibond adhesive.  Its a all over adhesive that will bond the grass to any solid surface.  Ideal for concrete, tarmac, stone, tiles, decking, car bodywork etc.  https://www.expressgrass.com/flexibond-adhesive.html

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  • If I order 4m x 9m will it come as 1 roll on any of the grass?

    Yes its will be supplied as one piece 4m x 9m in all ranges.  Our website will flag up any order we cannot supply as one piece due to size/weight restrictions.

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