It Withstands Claws

A cat's claws can inflict some serious damage on a real lawn - almost as bad as a digging dog. But high-quality artificial turf is so resilient it can stand up to anything a cat can throw at it - and then be soft and comfortable on their tummies when they settle in for a good stretch and a long nap.

No More Yellow Grass

One of the big bonuses for pet owners is that animal urine won't damage your synthetic grass. Whereas the ammonia in cat wee can cause havoc with real grass, bleaching and killing it, the permeable backing of high-quality artificial turf allows it to drain straight through. Then all you need to do is rinse with a hose or sluice down with a bucket full of water and vinegar to remove any lingering smell.

Easy Cleaning

Of course, your cat will want to poop on your lawn because that's what cats do. But instead of it squelching into the mud and creating a little surprise next time you are out in the garden, cat waste is easy to identify and pick up. Then hose and sluice to keep your lawn clean and smell-free.

No More Muddy Pawprints

If your cat loves to squeeze through the cat flap and leave muddy pawprints all over your floors, then you can put a stop to it by installing artificial grass. Your cat will still enjoy the sensation of grass tickling their paws and tummy, but a free-draining installation means there's no mud. It's a win-win for both of you.

It's Pet Safe

Are you worried about your beloved cat chewing on artificial grass? Don't be - synthetic grass is no more harmful for your cat than the real kind. In fact, if you or your neighbours regularly treat your grass with weed and feed chemicals, the fake alternative may be a lot kinder for your cat. Make sure you plant plenty of cat grass to avoid the problem.

Convinced that artificial grass would be great for your cat? Then contact us today to find out more.