But you've also probably seen fake boxwood hedging many times, too, often without knowing it due to its life-like properties. Artificial hedges can be used in just as many places as fake grass and have applications both in the home and in the business environment.

Boxwood hedging has a natural-looking dark green leaf which imitates real plants and offers a clean and manicured look. It comes in either tiles or ball form. The square tiles can be used to build a hedge of almost any size and shape, while the balls look great hanging or incorporated into a hedge structure.

Buy why would you want an artificial hedge in the first place? The advantages are obvious and numerous: firstly, and most importantly for many people, they require virtually no maintenance. Once in place, they will never need trimming, and there will never be any leaves falling on to your path which need sweeping.

A quick and gentle brush every now and again will ensure any debris is removed and they are kept in tip-top condition. Secondly, they look fabulous. Neat, forever trimmed and perfectly formed, a fake hedge will be the envy of your neighbour’s or will ensure your business premises always look on top form.

Why not cover an unsightly fence or wall with boxwood hedging to transform your garden from shabby to chic in a moment? Or maybe you require an instant high hedge to give you added privacy.

Or perhaps you want to create an artificial hedge on top of a low-lying wall around your office boundary to give it a formal and businesslike appearance.

Thirdly, they will never grow. This not only means you never have the chore of trimming or pruning every month or so: it also ensures that stunning view will forever be uninterrupted, your light will never be compromised and your garden will never become overgrown and unruly. Artificial hedging truly means a trouble-free garden. Have a look around this site to see the different types of boxwood hedging available and get an idea of how it can enhance your home.