All-Round Interest

Boxwood is a glossy evergreen with small dark green leaves. It's relatively easy to shape, so it's an ideal hedging material for creating knot gardens and other formal garden features. Boxwood hedging is the perfect backbone for any planting scheme, however informal.

Create a Contrast

Because boxwood hedges lend themselves to more formal lines, you can contrast the crisply manicured edges with some softer mounds of grasses or perhaps woodland shrubs like rhododendrons. Boxwood is a perfect choice for framing ornamental trees, boxwoods and your herb garden.

Fake It

Love the idea of using boxwood hedging in your garden? Then be prepared to wait for several years before your hedging establishes itself. Then you'll need to be prepared for a lengthy maintenance regime of feeding, pruning and watering to train and nurture your hedge into the kind of pruned perfection you see in English country gardens. Too impatient to wait? Then you need to fake it.

There are several benefits to using artificial boxwood in your garden. Of course, you won't need to water your hedging or wait for it to grow - simply create the framework at whatever height you require and cover with the hedging material. There's no clipping and no need to feed or weed, which can have beneficial effects for your garden soil. And thanks to anti-UV treatment, your boxwood hedges will remain looking glossy and evergreen for as long as they remain in your garden

Instant Good Looks

Installing elegant hedges in your garden is very easy with artificial boxwood. Your boxwood will perform well in any weather conditions to bring real style to any planting scheme. If you want to know more, simply browse the selection of boxwood products on the website and then contact us for more details. We'll be happy to help you transform your outdoor space with boxwood hedging.