Wembley Stadium

In June 2010, Wembley Stadium hit the news when it decided to use pitch reinforcement technology to fortify its playing surface. Over two weeks, three machines inserted almost 50,000km of synthetic thread into the turf to add strength and volume to the pitch.

While many in the sport played down the thread as just bonding material, in truth each loop of the thread creates a strand of synthetic grass with six blades. This means while there is still grass at Wembley, artificial grass plays a big part. Aston Villa, Manchester City and Real Madrid also use the same grass technology.

Wimbledon Centre Court

For years, rumours have been rife as to whether or not Wimbledon is the number one example of artificial grass in the UK. However, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

With its plastic look and feel, the consistent 8mm length and rock-hard soil underneath, Wimbledon's grass could pass for fake. Many players have even said they wish it was fake, but in fact it's real.

And the head groundsman should know. He's there 18 hours a day making sure the real grass gets that perfectly fake look just right. But as the last real grass lawn tennis competition in the world, they have a good reason to hold out.

Fortunately for the rest of us, we don't have to waste all our time and money striving for the perfect real grass lawn. Whether it's for a small area of high traffic, around a children's play area, under the shadow of a large tree or even our entire garden, we've got it easy.

There are so many different types of artificial grass in the UK to choose from that every purpose can be accommodated. Browse the wide range of available C-shaped and U-shaped grasses right here and find out which one is perfect for you.