Spring and Autumn

Interestingly enough, the conditions that are best for laying real lawn turf are also optimum for laying the artificial kind. The softer ground is easier to excavate for a cleaner installation, yet the mild and warm weather is ideal for softening the rolls of grass and making them more flexible for laying.

Spring is the ideal time for laying your new artificial lawn if you want to enjoy it throughout the summer months. However, if you wait until the autumn, you'll find that the turnaround can be much quicker and you can still enjoy that emerald lawn through the colder months.

Future-Proofing Your Lawn

If you know your lawn struggles to survive the summer and you've tried everything to keep it going, then you've essentially given yourself a timetable for replacement. If your lawn is particularly hard to manage or it's very shaded, then replacement could be the answer. It'll give your lawn a new lease of life, and you may well find yourself using your garden far more than you did before.

Think About the Family

Your window of opportunity for laying an artificial lawn might be dictated by the needs of your family. If your kids are outdoors at all times of the year, then it can be difficult finding the right time to keep them grounded while the new lawn is laid. The best advice here is to have your live lawn replaced before it can get too muddy, making autumn an excellent time of year to get mud-free artificial grass turf installed to keep the kids happy.

Call the Experts

Whenever you decide is the right time to swap your sad old live lawn for a low-maintenance artificial one, just browse the website to decide on the best artificial grass turf for your garden and then contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help.