In field hockey, artificial grass pitches are already the preferred playing surface. But what does the future hold for artificial grass in the UK? Will we see live to see artificial grass hybrids crossing over into domestic gardens? Or will innovations like odour, height control and built-in LED lighting transform our lawns?

Why Is Artificial Grass So Popular?

When you consider the benefits of artificial grass in the UK, it's surprising that it's actually not more popular than it already is. It's easy to maintain - you can get rid of the mower and stop spending a fortune on weed and feed. There's no need to keep struggling with a lawn that's being shaded out by tall trees or just won't grow because your soil is too poor. And because UV-resistant synthetic grass keeps its colour, it's the ideal investment for your house or a holiday home, saving you time and money.

So What's Next for Artificial Grass in the UK?

Innovation is being driven both from the high-end sports performance market and domestic landscaping. Where once it was sport that helped to push synthetics forward, now it's the demands of time-poor householders who require an artificial lawn with the look and feel of natural grass with all the benefits of synthetics.

The Chinese have been particularly responsive to the domestic consumer, producing new polymers that can be spun into fake grass blades virtually indistinguishable from the real thing by the human eye. And that type of high-quality synthetic grass is increasingly being used in public places thanks to the easy-care nature of an artificial lawn - a simple brush and hose-down will keep it looking its best for years to come.

We might not yet have lit-up lawns or ones that can deodorize themselves, but if you're convinced the future of your lawn is artificial grass, get in touch and we'll be happy to help!