If you're buying to let, or just giving your own garden a makeover before you put it on the market, here are our top tips for designing a garden that sells.

Target Your Market

A garden needs to appeal to as wide a range of buyers as possible, so clear out the family clutter which may not interest older buyers or singletons. Focus instead on some usable hard landscaping - either a patio or a deck will always be appealing for buyers and renters who want to relax in the garden.

Just be careful to take note of the way your garden faces and when and where it catches the sun - you don't want to install a patio and then find it's in the shade when you want to use it. If you want to make sure you get it right, then employ the services of a garden designer who'll make the very best of your outdoor space.

Fake It with Astro Turf

A lawn always gives a garden real appeal, but maintaining one doesn't always fit around a busy lifestyle. Young professionals will appreciate the low maintenance of artificial grass, as will busy families who want a place for the children to play without having to get the mower out every weekend.

And you can always agree with gardening-mad buyers that you'll replace your Astro turf with real grass. Because it's free-draining, artificial grass won't ruin the soil like paving slabs can. Though once they see how gorgeous your lawn looks, they might be happy to keep it!

We stock a wide range of Astro turf and other artificial grasses that are ideally suited for creating lush and low-maintenance lawns. Once you've decided on the look you want to achieve, contact us and we'll be happy to help you make over your garden and achieve that quick sale.