Advantages of Boxwood Topiary Hedging

Boxwood hedging is a great alternative to real hedging for a number of reasons. Firstly, boxwood hedging requires no growing, and can be installed at the exact size you want. This gets rid of the potential months or even years of waiting for the hedge to grow, so you can enjoy all the advantages now. Secondly, boxwood hedging doesn’t make a mess, as it is made of plastic, and so there will be no sweeping up throughout the autumn months. Real hedges often lose leaves over the autumn, and this can make a real mess in your garden, potentially even clogging up drains and causing flooding.

Using as a Screen – Privacy

One of the best ways to use boxwood hedging is as a privacy screen. Many of us live in areas where our neighbours have a direct view into our front or back garden, and sometimes even into both. Installing boxwood hedging as a privacy screen can help make your garden space feel more secluded and peaceful, without having to install an unsightly fence or build an unattractive wall. The fact that boxwood hedging needs no growing means that it is instantly ready to use, too, so there’s no need to wait before you can enjoy your own private outdoor space.

Using as a Screen – Disguise and Cover

Another, similar, way to use boxwood hedging is to disguise or cover an area. Most of us have at least one area of the garden that we do not like – perhaps our drainpipes take away from the natural feel of the space. Maybe railing, or a permanent wall are the main offenders, adding some unwanted grey tones to the area. In these cases, the only other cost-effective option is often to paint the offending feature which, in many cases, only makes the problem worse. Instead, installing boxwood hedging as a screen can give your garden its natural green look back instantly in a way that looks as genuine as possible, save growing the real thing.

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