Before you start looking at artificial grass reviews, start by measuring out your lawn so you can compare the price per square metre of the grasses you shortlist.

What to Look for in Artificial Grass

Realism is what most buyers look for, and that means you'll be leaning to the more expensive end of the market. The blades will need to be in varying shades of green with a pile height between 30mm and 35mm - any taller and gravity will do its work, making the grass look flat. You should also look for a backing that gives good drainage.

Where Will It Be Used?

For a dog run or a high-traffic play area, economy grass can actually be a good bet as it'll stand up to a lot of wear and tear and hose down more easily than less compact surfaces. If you want to fool the neighbours, a mid-quality lawn will do the trick. If you want to fool yourself, then only a premium lawn will do.

Request Free Samples

Like deciding on a new paint colour for the wall and buying a tester pot, you'll need to get samples to test whether what looks good on a website will work in your garden. Lay your samples out on the lawn to compare how they look against the trees, shrubs and plants in your garden and how they change as the light changes.

Read Artificial Grass Reviews

We all rely on reviews to make our buying decisions these days. When you're ready to shortlist your favourites, read a range of artificial grass reviews from experts and customers. You're looking for qualities like durability, drainage, ease of use and effectiveness. Make artificial grass reviews work for you as a smart shortlisting tool.

Making Your Decision

When you've made your decision, it's time to buy. Online is often cheaper, providing high quality at budget prices. At Express Grass we have a comprehensive range of artificial grass to suit any garden and any budget. Browse the website to choose your new lawn now.