Artificial grass is used by homeowners and sportspeople alike as an alternative to conventional grass. Artificial grass is a great alternative as it stays green all year round, doesn’t need cutting and doesn’t get muddy. Unlike older designs, modern artificial grass looks incredibly similar to a real lawn, so it looks great too. Alongside the usual uses, there are a few slightly unusual options you may not have heard of. Read on to find out more.

Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens can be a great idea to create a really unique look, protected from the weather outside. Laying down artificial grass on the garage floor, for example, is a great way of creating garden space that can lead outside through the door in nice weather, or be enclosed when it is cold or raining. Indoor gardens can also be used to create an intentionally eye-catching piece. In Carlisle train station, for example, artificial grass was fitted for the 2014 world cup, with a table-football game installed for travellers. The feature proved so popular that it is now a permanent fixture, giving travellers a relaxing space to escape from the busy station.

Using artificial grass to create a display

Artificial grass is also ideal for an outdoor-themed display placed indoors. A miniature railway, for example, would benefit from realistic-looking grass. Shops selling outdoor clothing would also benefit from having artificial grass in their display windows as it brightens up the area and gives customers a better feel for how the products will work in real life.


Artificial grass can be an innovative way to decorate, too. More adventurous types could consider using artificial grass to decorate parts of their homes – a football-mad boy might, for example, appreciate an artificial grass carpet in his bedroom. The more conservative among us could also use artificial grass as decoration in less unusual places, such as wrapped around plant pots or as a floor mat into a shed.


Other slightly less unusual places to put artificial grass include balconies and patios. These areas can look grey and drab with metal or concrete floors, and installing artificial grass can help make the area feel more natural. Small homes, such as terraced houses, tend to have small back yards without gardens. Artificial grass could be a fantastic way of bringing a bit of colour and life into the area.

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