But what if your deck is overlooked or is too much of a suntrap and you feel you need some shade and privacy? You could try windbreaks (too garish) or parasols (not private enough). You need something that's attractive yet functional. Step forward artificial boxwood hedging.

Easy on the Eye, Easy to Maintain

Artificial boxwood hedging has plenty of benefits when it comes to dressing your decking. There's no more fiddly pruning to keep everything looking immaculate, and you won't need to water or fertilise, both of which have an environmental impact. And your boxwood hedging is UV-treated, meaning it won't fade even in the strongest direct sunlight, which means it'll keep looking fresh and evergreen without you having to lift a finger.

Shady Retreat in a Snap

Creating a private and shady retreat on your decking couldn't be easier using artificial hedging. Simply join the panels using cable ties (trim off the excess to keep it neat and hidden) and staple on to a wooden fence or glue or screw on to an MDF panel or panels to create a movable screen.

If you prefer the idea of 3D hedges, then simply create a box hedge shape - a sturdy cardboard box is a quick fix, or build a box from offcuts of wood - and glue or screw your boxwood hedging in place. It's amazing what a chic look you can create for your deck using quite humble materials.

Ask the Professionals

If you think that some artificial hedging is the perfect way to create some stylish shade in your garden, then browse the website for more ideas. Found what you're looking for? Then get in touch and we'll be happy to help you place your order.