Keep It Tidy

It's important that you keep the surface of your artificial lawn clear of leaves, sticks and other debris. Not only does this look untidy, but it can penetrate the pile, causing long-term damage. Rake the artificial turf just as you would a natural lawn using a plastic rake, as a metal one can tear the fibres.

Don't Worry About Weeds

Because your artificial grass in the UK should be installed over a membrane, you shouldn't have to worry about weeds spoiling the look of your lawn. However, should they penetrate, you can use a gentle weedkiller without ruining your artificial turf.

Give It Wash and Brush-up

Running the hose pipe over your artificial grass occasionally will wash away any nasties, especially if you have pets. Once it's dry, give the pile a good groom by brushing in different directions with a stiff brush. You may also need to brush in additional sand or infill material from time to time.

Making the Right Choice

Of course, a big part of keeping your artificial grass in the UK looking it’s very best is to choose the right turf for your garden in the first place. Ask for a number of samples and lay them out where you can assess how they look and perform in different light and conditions. Do your research into texture, pile length and colour before you buy, as these things can't be altered once your lawn is installed.

At Express Grass, we stock a wide range of types of artificial grass to suit every budget and every kind of installation. If you can't make up your mind about what would be best, then call us on 0844 855 4704 or contact us via the website and we'll be happy to help you make the right choice for your garden.