This is the root of much of the stigma, and almost certainly the entire grounds for neighbourly objections. Time and time again, when asked what they dislike about artificial grass, people will simply say "it looks so fake". This was true once, but it is only true now if you buy ultra-cheap, inferior-quality turf.

Good-quality artificial grass has an extremely natural appearance and can even include the odd dead strand or a shaggy, uneven growth pattern for those who want the most natural possible effect.

Synthetic Grass and Modern Life

Artificial grass is actually arguably better suited for busy modern lifestyles than natural turf. It is low-maintenance, so there is little time commitment involved, but despite this it will always look great and have exactly the style you first chose when you decided to install it.

The only kind of stigma that can possibly be there is if you are a dedicated gardener, in which case it might seem like cheating as there is no hard work, skill or nurturing effort involved. If, however, you just want your lawn to look good and provide you with a pleasant garden environment, there is no reason at all to view artificial grass as having any kind of stigma.

On the contrary, it will probably do the job better and more easily than its natural counterpart for all but the most green-fingered of households and businesses.

For more information about synthetic grass and its many advantages, as well as practical information about the types available and the installation and maintenance processes, please have a look around this site. Alternatively, get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.