What Nice Hedges

To start with, people will not react any differently to your artificial boxwood hedges compared to how they would react to natural ones. If they notice anything in particular, it will probably just be the fact that they are particularly nice, neat, healthy-looking hedges and are in much better shape than most.

They Can't be Fake Can They?

Some people might start to suspect they might be artificial, but the chances are they will not be quite sure at first. Their suspicions may be sparked by noticing how good they look and realising how much work it takes to achieve this with natural hedges, or that they just happened to inspect it closely and realise the leaves seemed especially durable. Even then, things probably will not suddenly become clear. It is quite likely that they will spend a good while trying to work it out, and they might never be completely sure.

That's So Cool

Even if they do work out that the hedges are definitely or probably synthetic, people do not tend to react negatively or think less of the environment in which the hedges have been installed.

On the contrary, their biggest reaction at that stage is normally to be impressed. They are impressed by how good and how natural the hedge looks, as well as the fact that it was so convincing and, even with a close inspection, so hard to definitely tell it apart from the real thing.

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