They Look Highly Realistic

One of the simpler things that many people do not appreciate about synthetic hedges is just how realistic they look. In fact, you have probably seen artificial boxwood hedging many times - including close-up - without even realising that it was not a natural hedge. It takes a very close inspection to tell it apart from the real thing, and often even this is not enough for the majority of people to be quite sure they are not examining a natural hedge.

They Can Be Assembled from Tiles

Another thing that most people do not realise is that boxwood hedging is commonly assembled from a series of tiles. Individual flat leafy tiles are applied to a frame to create what looks like a hedge. Thanks to the leaves, the joins are effectively seamless unless you are specifically digging around under the leaves looking for them, but this method of assembly has several advantages.

It makes it easier to assemble a custom hedge, uniquely tailored to your needs and to the setting, as well as having advantages during the transportation process. While it may be hard when looking at those flat tiles to imagine them looking nearly indistinguishable from an organic hedge, once they are assembled this is exactly how they appear.

They Are More Versatile Than the Real Thing

Another thing that you may not fully appreciate about synthetic hedges is just how versatile they are. They can be assembled in whatever shape and size you require and are much more flexible when it comes to where they are placed than their natural counterparts.

They are not dependent on soil quality, sunlight or other environmental conditions, so they can be installed just about anywhere - even indoors.

Please feel free to have a look around this website, where you will find lots more information about synthetic boxwood hedging as well as being able to browse the kinds of products that we can supply. If you need any further help or would like to talk about installation needs, please get in touch with a member of our team.