Why Do You Need Artificial Hedging?

Do you need some privacy screening from nosy neighbours? Or do you want to add some instant chic to a pavement cafe? From greening up a balcony or roof terrace to creating some on-trend topiary for your business, artificial hedging is the smart solution.

Where Will You 'Grow' Your Boxwood Hedging?

Sheets of artificial hedging are exceptionally versatile and hard-wearing, making them ideal for use just about anywhere. For the most realistic effect you need to consider whether your hedging will be secured to backing panels so it appears to 'grow' from the soil or whether you'll install it directly into a planter. If you simply want to cover an unsightly wall, then you can fix your hedging directly to the surface using screws. How you utilise your instant hedging will have an impact on your measurements.

Measuring Up

First, establish the measurements of the artificial hedging tiles, and then measure the area you wish to cover and divide by the size of the hedging tiles. Our boxwood hedging tiles are 25cm x 25cm, meaning that 16 tiles will cover an area of one square metre. Remember that if you want to create a 3D hedge or a piece of topiary, you'll need to measure up for the different sides.

Will My Artificial Hedge Keep Looking Good?

Our artificial hedge tiles have a five-year guarantee and are treated with a UV inhibitor, so the colour won't fade. They're easy to click together to create instant greenery wherever you need it.

Can I DIY My Own Hedges and Topiary?

Absolutely! It's simplicity itself to clip the tiles together and create instant screening and 3D hedges in minutes. Matched with a topiary boxwood ball, you can add style to your home or business in no time. Just browse the website and then get in touch to place your order. Discounts are available when you order over one square metre.