Artificial Grass Looks Fake
A lot of people believe that synthetic grass just looks utterly unconvincing. They think it looks nothing at all like the real thing, and is laughably unrealistic. Greengrocers' matting is the kind of thing that springs to mind. However, this has not been true for a long time - except perhaps at the rock-bottom, ultra-cheap end of the market. Modern artificial grass looks very realistic indeed, and most people find it hard to tell apart from the real thing.
Synthetic Grass Looks Too Perfect
Even if artificial grass no longer looks laughably unrealistic, a lot of people believe it still looks too perfect. It's too lush and green, they say, and too perfectly uniform in length. We've all seen homes with artificial grass outside that's made us pause for a moment a
nd wonder if it’s real, but we quickly decide that it must be fake because it couldn't possibly be that perfect without a team of professional gardeners to maintain it.
However, you have probably walked past other properties with artificial grass and not even realised. While the neatly trimmed, perfectly lush type of
artificial grass is available, there are also grasses in a range of other, less overly bright shades and with the natural untidiness of various blade lengths.
There are also fake grasses with the odd brown dead blade here and there. These can be much harder to tell from real grass. To find out more about the different types and styles of synthetic grass and the benefits they can bring, as well as for help working out which type may be right for you, please look through the rest of this site.
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