It's not a difficult DIY job, and if you pay attention to the details you'll create a long-lasting and professional-looking lawn. Here's how to achieve the look in ten easy steps.

1. Remove the Old Lawn

You'll need to strip back the old lawn to a depth of at least 60mm. Hire a skip and a turf cutter if you have a large garden.

2. Prepare the Base

Most guides advise you to add a layer of sharp builder's sand, but you'll get better results if you add a layer of aggregate under the sand for optimised drainage. Make sure the aggregate layer is around 40mm or deeper and well compacted before topping off with a 15 to 20mm layer of sand.

3. Get Level

Whether you're using aggregate or not, you need to level and then compact the sand to create the perfect base. The flatter you get the sand the more even your lawn, so if you want to keep it natural you can leave a few lumps and bumps. A compactor gets things perfectly smooth.

4. Keep the Weeds Out

Cover the entire area with a weed-suppressing membrane. Overlap the joins by at least 300mm for best results.

5. Roll Out Your Grass Turf

Unroll your artificial grass and start to lay lengths with the pile leaning towards the house. It's vital that you stagger the joins and make sure the pile on each piece is lying the same way for best results.

6. Tidy Up

Trim joins and edges neatly with a craft knife. Choose a curved blade for the best cut.

7. The Perfect Join

To fix the pieces of grass turf together, you'll need to use jointing tape and adhesive. Lay the tape with the rough side up and then add adhesive in a zig-zag pattern, being careful not to get it on the grass. Now gently press the pieces down and together for a professional result.

8. Pin It

Use small nails to secure your grass to a metal or timber edging at regular intervals. This prevents your grass moving and becoming unstable.

9. Ruffle It!

Now ruffle up the grass all over your new lawn to hide the joins and the pins. It's not a technical term, but we're sure you know what we mean!

10. Brush

The final finishing touch? A good sweep-over with a stiff brush. This makes the blades of your grass look fuller and much more natural for that 'I can't believe it's not real' look. A regular wash with a hose and a brush-up will keep your lawn looking lovely.

We supply everything you need for a professional installation, including premium artificial grass turf, but the ruffling is down to you! Then just add friends, family and pets for the perfect lawn.