Choosing the Right Grass

There are many different kinds of synthetic grass available now, and choosing the right one is key to getting the best out of it. There are various different grades, with some more realistic than others. Modern fake grass can be very hard to distinguish from the real thing, but you might not get the benefit of this if you just choose a cheap option.

There are also different colours, lengths and styles. Some grass is deep and vibrant, and some incorporates mock dead strands here and there for a less unnaturally perfect look.

Some is neatly manicured, and some is deliberately a little shaggy as if it's had a few days to grow out. Make sure you choose the one that creates the look you want.

Don't Mix and Match

Modern artificial grasses are very hard to tell apart from the real thing, but unfortunately there is still one limitation. You shouldn't mix and match them with real grass, as it just won't look the same. This isn't necessarily because of a lack of realism in the synthetic grass. 

It's impossible to create an artificial turf that perfectly matches real grass, because every single stretch of real grass looks different. Rather than patch in difficult areas with fake grass, it is best to do the whole lawn. 

It's normal for even connected lawns with different owners to vary due to their being sown with different varieties of grass or mown at different times. To find out more about synthetic grass, the different options available and how to use it for the greatest possible benefit please look at the other pages and articles we have made available here on this website. Alternatively, a member of our team will be happy to help you if you would prefer to contact us directly for a more personal service.