How Is Fake Boxwood Hedging Supplied?

Artificial boxwood hedges are supplied in the form of 25cm x 25cm tiles for the main body of the hedge and boxwood "balls" for special features and topiary effects. These individual tiles can be assembled - at which point the joins become pretty much invisible - to create a complete and realistic hedge according to your needs and desired specifications.

How Flexible Is the Construction Process?

Regarding the form you want the final result to take, assembling artificial boxwood hedges is a supremely flexible process. The fact that they are supplied in such simple, basic and yet effective parts - square tiles and spherical balls - gives plenty of room to easily and effectively create exactly the hedge you want. Depending on the number of tiles and balls you use and the way you assemble them, it is very easy to create exactly the size and shape you need.

How Difficult Is Installation and Can You Help?

Unfortunately, in order to maintain our highly competitive pricing we do not offer an installation service. However, installation is not a difficult process. It is well within the grasp of a competent tradesperson and many capable DIY-ers. If you are not able to handle the installation process yourself, there are plenty of companies and handymen willing to handle this side of things.

It should not be a lengthy or expensive process, so it is entirely possible to first take advantage of our highly competitive prices for supply and then hire an affordable tradesperson to handle the installation.

For more information about the kinds of synthetic boxwood hedging tiles available, and to get answers to any other questions you have about the installation process, please feel free to have a look around this site. Alternatively, get in contact with us directly for personal advice from a member of our friendly team.