Stop Wasting Time and Money

Do you start each year thinking this will be the year that your grass turns into a lush, velvet lawn that's the envy of your friends and family? And does the inevitable always happen and your patch of turf ends up muddy, worn and tired-looking? Then isn't it time you stopped beating yourself up and started thinking about a low-maintenance alternative that will save you time and money?

Enjoy Life

If you believe being outdoors is for family time or simply lazing in the sun, then why waste time with a living lawn? Artificial grass is UV-treated to resist fading, strong enough to stand up to kids and pets, and drains freely so you'll never have a mud bath instead of a lawn. And not having to look after a scruffy patch of grass leaves you free to get on with enjoying life.

Free Up Some Disposable Income

While artificial grass has a high upfront cost, you have none of the expensive ongoing maintenance costs of a real lawn. So bin the lawnmower and start thinking of all the ways you can use the cash you're saving on petrol, lawn mower repairs, fertilisers and water bills. And you won't just be able to fund a family day trip: you'll have more time to enjoy with family and friends in the garden.

Invest in Better

Artificial grass doesn't just look better than the real kind. It is better - for pets because it's easy to keep clean with a hose, for kids because they can play out in all weathers and never get muddy, and for you because there's no more heavy-duty maintenance. It's even better for hay fever sufferers, who can enjoy a day in the garden without streaming eyes and a runny nose.

We can help you enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful new lawn this spring, so browse the website and then call our friendly and knowledgeable team with any questions.