Pressure-Wash Your Patio

Pressure-washing is the quickest way to get your patio, terrace or decked areas looking their best. Decent pressure-washers aren't particularly expensive, but you can always borrow or hire one. Make sure you use a sealant afterwards to keep your deck looking great.

Get the Broom Out

Sweeping up the last of the leaves and any rubbish that has accumulated over the winter will make your pathways look good as new. If you already have an artificial lawn, then run a brush over it against the grain to get the blades standing up and looking lush.

Repair Broken Fences and Sheds

Now is the time to repair any fences, gates, greenhouses and sheds that perhaps need some attention. Replace broken panes in the greenhouse, make sure the shed roof doesn't leak and paint your fence - try a green or blue for some summer pizazz.

Spruce Up Your Flowerbeds

A sunny afternoon and a bit of elbow grease are all you need to tidy up your flowerbeds. Prune any shrubs, and start planning the plants you'll be adding to this year's border for the best effect. Maybe you can stick to a colour scheme, or perhaps you love an explosion of colour. Whichever you choose, now is the time to make sure your flower beds are ready for their new look.

Laying Artificial Grass for a Lazy Summer

If you prefer to use your garden for relaxing and entertaining, then you've probably considered laying artificial grass. After all, you'll be doing your bit for the environment by putting away that smelly and noisy mower and that hosepipe in favour of an artificial lawn. This is a job that a competent DIYer can tackle if you follow a few simple steps, or leave it to the professionals and you'll have a gorgeous lawn in no time.

If laying artificial grass makes sense to you, then you'll find a wide range of styles to suit every garden and budget right here. Just contact us if you need more details on the right grass for you.