Out-of-Control Growth

Does your lawn's growth tend to get out of control pretty regularly? Do you simply lack the necessary time, no matter how well your intentions, to keep it in check? If your lawn frequently turns into a shaggy, unkempt mass of vegetation, artificial grass could have big benefits. It will never need mowing and never grow out of control, solving your problems in one fell swoop.

Bald or Dead Patches

Perhaps you have the opposite problem. Perhaps your lawn is plagued by worn and bald patches or by patches that simply die. Lawns that see a lot of wear and tear and heavy activity, such as lawns on which pets or children play or those that simply receive a lot of foot traffic, are very prone to wearing thin or growing bald in places. Those that get a lot of shade or often have items such as garden furniture put on them, meanwhile, have a tendency to die in places. Once again, synthetic lawns will be a great way to solve these problems. Fake grass is tough, resistant to wear and will not die.

Mud and Moisture 

Synthetic grass can also be a solution for lawns that have mud problems. This is true whether the lawn is especially wet and sodden or whether it is simply the case that you have to cross the lawn and get muddy even when it is soaked from recent rain.

Synthetic grass experiences little or no mud and can be safely walked on even during the wettest spells of the year without fear of getting your shoes muddy or treading mud into the house.

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