Why You Should Lay Synthetic Grass on Concrete

There's nothing worse than a bleak garden filled with concrete slabs or even poured concrete that's too labour-intensive to rip up. Laying artificial grass adds a welcome shot of green which requires virtually no maintenance - it's a no-mow solution that's pet- and child-friendly and can help you create a green oasis in any garden.

Prepare Your Surface

Wherever you choose to lay your synthetic turf, you need to get the preparation right for the best results. If you're replacing a living lawn, then you'd usually dig up the old turf and lay a membrane before laying your new artificial turf, but you don't need to do all that preparation when you lay synthetic turf over concrete.

However, you do need to make sure that there's sufficient drainage not to leave your new lawn waterlogged. If not, then drill a number of holes with a 16mm drill bit and fill with pea gravel. This ensures that surface water drains quickly and easily away. Then check the surface for any loose stones that can rip your artificial turf and lay using the tape method. If your concrete is uneven, then add an underlay to smooth things out, exactly as you would with a carpet.

The Benefits of Laying Synthetic Turf over Concrete

You don't have to cover every inch of concrete or all your paving slabs - in fact, you can really get creative with shapes and cut-outs because your artificial grass never needs mowing, so the overall effect always looks neat and clean.

If children or animals will be using the garden, then a soft underlay is a must. There'll be no more scraped knees from falling on a hard surface, and because your synthetic grass is free-draining there's no risk of muddy footprints throughout the house.

Because most patio gardens are small, once you've covered the initial outlay on artificial grass you don't have any ongoing costs. No more huge water bills, petrol and maintenance for a mower or chemicals to keep a struggling lawn looking green. Many town gardens are shaded by fences and trees, so laying artificial grass is a smart way to bring green into your garden in a cost-effective way.

In fact, the hardest part of laying synthetic grass over concrete might just be deciding what grass to use. With so many styles to choose from, we recommend you take a look at the website before contacting our friendly and knowledgeable team for more information on bringing the beauty of artificial grass into your garden.