While some gardeners take pride in having the perfect lawn, the reality is that for many, especially the elderly or young working families, there is just too much upkeep. A smaller garden, where there is no room for a shed to house a lawnmower and other equipment, may prove more suited to artificial grass.

There is also the cost of watering to consider, especially if you are on a meter. And despite what seems like constant rain in the UK, hose-pipe bans are still fairly common in the summer months.


Grass turf is a big investment, especially for large areas. Often there is not much choice which is readily available, so lots of time has to be spent researching suppliers.

Environmentally Friendly

With grass turf, it is important to keep it fed, but with artificial grass, there is no need for pesticides, which are harmful to the environment.

The emissions from petrol-driven lawn mowers are also a consideration.

Pet- and Child-Friendly

If you have a pet or a football fan in your household, you won't want them stepping out on to newly laid turf.

Artificial grass is ideal for areas of heavy usage and won't lead to muddy footprints being brought into the house. It is also durable and won't experience dry or dead patches.

Some gardeners will never consider they have a real lawn if it has not been laid with grass turf. But artificial can guarantee year-round green with no weeds, something which might be worth considering. It has come a long way in recent years and can now mean a realistic-looking lawn.

Have a look at the different products available and compare prices to see which might suit you more in the long term.

Not everyone has the time or feels confident in looking after real grass, so artificial can give you peace of mind and more time to enjoy the garden.

Here at Express Grass, we have a wide range of artificial grass products and will happily talk through any questions you have.