However, as long as certain things are remembered, there is no reason why pet-filled households cannot enjoy the benefits of artificial grass just the same as those without a furry friend around. In fact, laying artificial grass turf has certain benefits over 'real' grass every day of the year.

Owners of dogs and cats especially worry that Fido or Fluffy will reject the newly laid grass, refusing to go out into the garden as before. However, there is no reason to believe this will be the case - most animals find synthetic grass just as much fun to roll around on as natural turf.

The benefits are obvious ones: no longer will you have to clean up your pooch's muddy paw prints from the kitchen floor on a regular basis. Artificial lawns stay looking fresh every day throughout the year, so your animals can run and play on them even in the winter.

And there is no need to worry about urine and faeces destroying your beautiful new lawn, either - artificial grass is permeable, so urine seeps through to the ground below, while faeces can be easily removed. There will be no unsightly staining, although it is advisable to remove waste as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary smells. You can also buy fresheners to keep your grass in tip-top condition.

Another benefit is that unlike a conventional lawn, there is no need to keep your pets away when using weedkiller or fertilisers. Your dogs and cats can enjoy your lawn every day of the year, come rain or shine.

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