Play with space

Of course, you can centre your lawn in a traditional design, but why not play with space? Setting your lawn in a corner will draw the eye to the furthest reach of your garden, giving the illusion of space. Alternatively, you can cover a small deck with faux grass to create real visual interest.

Think of creating garden rooms using hard landscaping such as paving slabs and pergolas to split up the space, then decide where your synthetic lawn will make the biggest impact. Remember that it can be any size, shape or even colour you like.

Raise your game

Using tall and elegant plants such as grasses, bamboos or slender evergreens has two purposes in the garden. Firstly, they draw the eye upwards to create a sense of height and space that creates a sense of size in the garden; secondly, choosing varieties with a compact footprint will create more space on the ground for a larger lawn with a seating area and perhaps even a fire pit.

Create different levels

Creating different levels in your garden is another way to add visual interest within a smaller space. Try planters at eye level or espaliered trees against a garden wall or fence to take the eye along the vertical and horizontal plane.

Adding a raised bed is another attractive way to play with levels in the garden. Make sure you build a wide ledge to accommodate a cushion and fill with plants that birds and bees love, such as lavender, delphiniums, marigolds and daylilies, for colour and scent throughout the summer.

Get creative with green

One of the joys of synthetic grass is that you are not confined as to where you use it. It sits equally happily on top of a decking area or an old patio as it does the earth, which means you can get much more creative with where you add a splash of green.

As examples, why not lay a strip of artificial grass as a base for a series of paving slabs to join your back door with your seating area or try covering your fencing or garden shed for a quirky 3D look?

Embrace the small

Don't fight against a lack of space in your garden; instead, make it a virtue and seize the chance to create an uncluttered and zen-like space. Choose a calming colour palette of blue and white plants, add the rustling of ornamental grasses and relax on your synthetic grass in your calm and serene garden.

If you can see the possibilities for a synthetic lawn in your small garden, why not browse our range of high-quality grass? We can help you to create the small garden of your dreams, so call now for more information.