Modern artificial boxwood hedges are so realistic that it is quite possible nobody will realise they are synthetic at all without a close inspection. They do not look excessively fake, but instead offer a look very close to the real thing - and the real thing looks very good indeed.

Just like real boxwood hedges, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the kind of hedge that will be best suited and look good for the specific place you want to put them.


You will find that boxwood hedges, whether real or fake, are a great-looking addition to a garden, park or other outdoor space. However, a synthetic hedge is not great-looking only because of its resemblance to the real thing.

Unlike a natural hedge, it will always be vibrant and green. It will never have dead leaves or damaged leaves that have been half-eaten by some slug or insect. The way a freshly trimmed, well-cared-for natural boxwood hedge looks at the height of summer is the way a synthetic hedge will look every day of the year.

One of the key reasons people buy synthetic grass is the lack of maintenance, and the same principle applies to boxwood hedges. Natural boxwood hedges require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking good.

Keeping them as neat and tidy as they are supposed to be requires regular, careful and often fiddly trimming. Unless you are an expert in topiary, the chances are you can rarely, if ever, get the shape quite as you want it, and if you don't have time to trim for a while, it will quickly become shaggy and untidy.

Low Maintenance

Artificial hedges avoid all these problems completely. For more information about the types of artificial boxwood hedges available and whether they would be a good addition to your outdoor space, have a look through the rest of this website or contact us directly.