The wintertime is a time when your garden really suffers. Trees are bare, flowers are nowhere to be seen and bald patches start appearing in your lawn. The trouble is, the weather is so inclement that you are not inclined to go out and give it any love. When the springtime arrives you’ll be out in your garden again planting new seeds, pruning bushes and shrubs and enjoying the longer days, but for the meantime your garden is likely to be looking a little neglected. However, there is good news - this is the perfect time to have synthetic grass laid in your garden so that come spring it is looking fresh, green and ready to be enjoyed! Read on to find out more.

What is synthetic grass?

Synthetic grass looks and feels like real grass, only with far more benefits! Because it’s not real you can be sure that your lawn will be lush and green all year round. No matter what the surface area of your lawn is, it is possible to have it covered with fake grass so that you can enjoy a flat and beautiful lawn in any season. And once the spring arrives, you can concentrate on the nice jobs such as planting and tending to shrubs and plants.

No more maintenance

There’s absolutely nothing that you need to do to your lawn once it’s laid with synthetic grass. That means no more mowing (and hurting your back in the process), no more weeding and no more reseeding bald patches. This takes a significant weight off any householder’s mind and frees you up to carry out the more enjoyable maintenance jobs in the garden.

Why January?

Having your garden laid with synthetic grass in the wintertime means that come spring there’s no seeding and weeding; you will have a lawn that looks fresh and green and ready to enjoy. Having your garden laid with synthetic grass now means that once the nicer weather arrives you’re freed up to enjoy your garden rather than having to fix all the damage that the frost, snow and rain has done to the lawn.

If you’d like to find out more about having synthetic grass laid in your garden, simply call the professionals at Express Grass. Their wealth of knowledge will help you ensure that your lawn is beautifully green come springtime!