So why not make a fresh start in your garden with artificial grass? There are plenty of great reasons why choosing a high-quality artificial lawn will improve the quality of your life - and leave the neighbours guessing! Easy to install and a doddle to maintain, synthetic grass is the ideal way to give your back garden or front lawn a quick and easy spring makeover.

Fake It to Make It

Everyone from Hollywood stars to Premiership footballers is faking it these days, but that doesn't mean you have to be loaded to lay your own faux lawn. Keep it ultra-fake and uber-fun with a brightly coloured and affordable lawn or invest in the best for authenticity and you still won't break the bank in the average garden.

And because an artificial lawn is low-maintenance, you won't need to buy a mower and strimmer to keep it looking good. Instead, you'll have time to do the things you truly enjoy like growing vegetables or creating a beautiful border.

Love Your Lawn

A well-installed high-quality artificial lawn is also highly weather-resistant and will stay looking good whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it. Select a lawn with a built-in drainage system and your artificial grass will never get waterlogged. Your lawn will also stand up to snow and ice and come back looking as good as new.

Of course, low maintenance isn't the same as no maintenance, but you'll no longer have to weed, feed and mow, which is not only time-saving but kinder to the environment. Instead, a quick hose down and a brush over will restore your artificial lawn to its full beauty.

Good for You, Great for Pets

Not only will you enjoy more time in the garden, but your pets will too. Not only will there be no more muddy footprints through the house, but your pets and children can play in all weathers without damaging your lawn. And a quick pick-up afterwards plus maybe a proprietary cleaner and deodorizer will leave everything in the garden smelling lovely.

Artificial grass is also a savvy choice for pets who, like their owners, may suffer with allergies. And if you're worried that your cat or dog won't have access to fresh grass to use as a natural emetic, why not grow a patch of nutritious wheatgrass in your border or in a tub that your pet can chew?

Go Green

Durable, beautiful and with a low environmental impact, artificial grass creates a fresh look in your garden. We can supply a wide range of different grasses to suit your garden, so why not browse the website and then discuss your requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable team?