Boxwood prefers full sun, though it will tolerate shade in the height of summer. It prefers a well-draining soil and will need plenty of water while it gets established.

To keep boxwood looking its best, it requires extensive pruning, mulching and watering. If you haven't got time for all that, just fake it!

Why You Should Fake It

It's not just the maintenance - it's the speed too. You can install boxwood hedging in no time flat for instant hedges and privacy screens in your garden. Or why not go further and cover all those unsightly pipes and manhole covers too? You'll easily be able to access them if necessary as they remain pleasantly covered for you.

You could go even further and cover your wheelie bin - quicker and easier than building a screen for it!

Be Faux Effective

If you're clever you can use a mix of the real stuff and the fake for a stunning result, just like they do at London's Savoy Hotel. Wherever customers come into contact with foliage, real boxwood hedging is being used.

But those neat hedges on the first floor helping to cut noise and screen the view? That's the fake stuff, and it looks extremely effective. It's a trick you can use in your own home or for your business.

Keep It Clean

If you've decided to fake it, using your own pots and containers and containers will give a more realistic finish.

One big giveaway with artificial box hedging can be dust and dirt. It's quick and simple to get your hedging looking like new with a quick squirt from a hose. Remember, because you're saving water with artificial hedging, you're doing your bit for the environment too.

At Express Grass we have a comprehensive range of boxwood hedging and other artificial foliage to help you fake it with ease. When you've found what you're looking for on the website, just contact us for more information and we'll be happy to help you fake it with style!