Make Your Letters Sparkle

If you're using artificial boxwood hedging to create large letters, then why not weave in some LED sparkle lights for extra pizzazz? This can look absolutely stunning, especially for a wedding or that special celebration. Imagine the bride and groom's initials lighting up the night or a significant date or special word illuminated for all to see.

Lighting brings your letters instantly to life, creating a strong outline and making them impossible to miss. Why not greet your guests with the words 'true love' for a wedding or a big 40 for that significant birthday? The only limit is your imagination.

Uplight for Drama

If you want a dramatic yet subtle effect that's ideal for an evening in a cafe or the garden of your bar or restaurant, then consider uplighters. LED lighting is efficient, cheap to run and can be used to create a range of colourful effects, all of which will play well against your artificial boxwood hedging.

Get Creative

There's no limit to what you can illuminate, so think beyond giant letters and standard hedging to your boxwood balls, artificial topiary and green walls too. Either insert the lights into the centre of the ball or topiary or embed the lights within the greenery and you'll create some beautiful effects that will light up the night with style!

Artificial boxwood hedging is robust and long-lasting, resists UV damage and can be turned into topiary, hedges and more in minutes. We supply boxwood hedging tiles that click together in minutes to create a wide range of effects, so why not contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for more information? Then don't forget the fairy lights!