The King of Structure

If you want to create architectural features and an underlying structure to your garden, then you need to introduce faux boxwood hedging. Capable of being moulded into any shape, from a conventional low hedge to topiary pyramids and animals, artificial hedging is quick and easy to apply to a basic MDF shape to add instant interest to your garden.

Take your inspiration from an Elizabethan knot garden and use low hedges in geometric shapes, filled with herbs and surrounded by gravel. Keep the hedges higher to edge a beautiful brick-paved or flagstone path that gives your garden a touch of class.

Green for Privacy

Green walls have been big news in garden design for a few years now. The good news is they're easy to fake with artificial boxwood hedging. Not only does a green wall look stunning, but you can quickly and easily create a privacy screen that keeps prying eyes out while adding a real wow factor to your garden. Try combining fake boxwood tiles with real fast-growing plants like ivy to create a stunning focal point.

Create Garden Rooms

If you have the space, features like a built-in barbecue or fire pit or a beautiful pond with a water feature can be used to create separate garden rooms. Your artificial hedging is perfect for delineating different areas, using either angular or organic shapes for maximum impact. This is the ideal way to use artificial boxwood if you want to separate an informal and formal area of the garden. And because your panels and hedges are UV-resistant and low maintenance, they'll look good all year round with just a wipe over and a hose-down.

Perfect Pergola

A pergola is a superb addition to a deck or patio and adds a lot of interest to a roof terrace, where weight is often a consideration. Why not clad the supporting pillars in artificial boxwood hedging and then allow climbing plants to scramble over the roof? Paired with formal boxwood hedging in planters, it's a gorgeous way to add interest to your garden features fast.

If you want to harness the beauty and durability of UV-resistant artificial boxwood hedging for your garden, then browse our collection of hedging tiles on the website - then contact us for more details on making artificial hedging work for you.