A Green Roof That's Greener

Install a green roof using artificial grass and you'll create an insulating effect for your building. The energy savings can be substantial - up to 23% per year. And because your green roof is both safe and sustainable, it's an environmentally friendly choice.

A Green Roof That Adds Value

Creating a green roof using artificial grass turf has other benefits than environmental ones. This type of roof is much more attractive than the usual grey and black roofing material to be found on a flat roof. And a functional beautiful roof garden can add real value to your property.

Less Burden on the Sewer System

The rain water on a normal flat roof is emptied directly into the sewer system, putting pressure on drainage and putting you at risk of flash flooding as your drainpipes struggle to cope. An artificial turf green roof can help to retain around 50% of rainwater for release back into the atmosphere, easing pressure on the sewage system.

Minimal Maintenance

Just like an artificial lawn at garden level, fake grass needs virtually no maintenance except for an occasional wash and brush to keep it looking its best. There's no mowing and no watering. And because there's no heavy substrate to support real grass turf, there's no excess strain on your roof.

Softening up a Cold Space

Artificial grass is like an outdoor carpet and can bring a real sense of luxury to rooftop spaces that otherwise might feel cold and exposed. Reflect a beautiful green view or soften the hard edges of an urban landscape by laying artificial grass turf, and soften the edges even further by installing a shock pad that makes the grass feel even more cushioned.

If you're looking to brighten up a dull balcony or create a wow-factor roof terrace, then take a look at our wide range of beautiful artificial grasses. Once you see what you like, then contact us and we'll help you with your order.