Go Wild with Summer Games

From cricket to tennis, summer is the perfect time to perfect your game skills, and artificial grass is the ideal surface. Robust and durable, your faux lawn will stay looking good whatever the kids - and adults - do to it. And when they're tired out and taking a nap, your garden will still look great.

Lounging Around

Remember the way sun loungers and deckchairs would flatten your lawn and even kill patches off when your garden furniture was left out in the same place for too long? Well here's some good news: the pile of your artificial lawn simply springs back into place once you've packed your deckchairs away. To keep your lawn looking extra luxurious, give it a brush occasionally to keep the pile lush and bouncy. Who needs a lounger anyway?

Pool's Gold

Remember last year when the paddling pool turned the back garden into a mini-Glastonbury? That won't happen with artificial grass, so you and the kids can enjoy cooling off in your back-garden pool all summer long without ruining the lawn. Even better, because your artificial lawn is free-draining, you can simply upend the pool when you've finished with it and watch the water disappear.

No Nasty Niffs

Summer is the one time when all the family enjoy the garden, and one of the big benefits for pet owners is that those messes are easy to dispose of - pick up and squirt with a garden hose and you can all enjoy the lawn together. Try a specialised deodorising spray once a month for optimum freshness.

If you've decided that an artificial lawn makes sense for your family this summer, browse the website and then contact us and we'll help you decide on the right artificial grass for you.