There are other benefits too. When you lay Astroturf for a pet run, you'll preserve the aesthetic look of your lawn - no yellow and dying patches caused by urine. And because artificial grass feels just as good under a dog's paws as the real thing, your canine pal will enjoy his own place to play.

Lay Astroturf for Your Dog

The big advantage of Astroturf is the short and compact pile that makes it incredibly hard-wearing and durable. Even the most determined digger won't break through, leaving your lawn hole-free.

Even better, once your dog has done their stuff, you'll be able to clean and disinfect with ease. And the backing material will allow for easy drainage of urine and cleaning water, leaving the lawn spotless and ready for playtime!

A Healthy Alternative

A huge danger for many dogs are grass seeds, which tunnel their way into a dog's paws, causing a raft of health problems. Lay Astroturf and you'll eliminate the problem entirely. Plus with no mud, soil and loose grass to be tracked into the house, you'll keep your floors nice and clean.

Your dog will be free to rough and tumble, and you'll enjoy the ultimate low-maintenance pet run that's clean, healthy and hygienic, too - especially with young children in the family.

How to Lay Astroturf with Ease

Want to know how to lay Astroturf? It's easy - simply remove the old lawn, lay a weed-stopping membrane and then a base of sand. Unroll your artificial grass, add a security fence and you're ready for playtime!

Choose Artificial Lawns for You and Your Pet

You'll find a huge range of artificial grass on the website, so just browse until you find something that works for you and your dog. Remember that shorter piles are perfect for pets, so take a look at our economy range for a Fido-friendly solution. Then contact us and we'll be happy to help you create your own pet heaven!