The second step is adding a base layer of builder's sand to a depth of 35mm. The sand should be evenly level across the area to be turfed to ensure a firm base underneath. You should then add a membrane layer over the top before beginning to roll out the artificial grass.

Roll it out to cover the area, making sure that the ends of the rolls are staggered and laid in the same direction so that the blades all point the same way. A craft knife should be used to trim the edges.

As it has a slight angle to it, the grass should be laid with the pile leaning towards the house in order for it to have a natural look. Once you have rolled out all the artificial grass, the next step in how to lay Astroturf is fixing it down. Firstly, the rolls need to be glued together using jointing tape, which should be placed rough side up along where the rolls are to join.

Add adhesive to the tape and place the edges on to the tape, making sure no blades touch the glue. Once the rolls are joined, the grass fibres should be ruffled up to disguise the seal. Fix down the edges by using ground pins every 20cm along the rolls.

The final step is to brush the grass pile with a stiff brush to ensure it looks as natural as possible. Our artificial grass has a drainage system included which can be laid directly on to any surface. 

Express Grass does not offer a fitting service, allowing us to offer very reasonable prices for any type of artificial grass you may require. However, it is quite easy to lay your own artificial lawn with a small amount of preparation.

We hope this guide on how to lay Astroturf has given you the confidence to complete your project, but please call our friendly team if you have any further questions.