Coloured grasses create fun features, and the play areas themselves are low-maintenance and environmentally friendly and remain usable whatever the weather with no worn patches. Perhaps best of all, little ones won't get covered in mud or grass stains or hurt themselves when they fall, because modern artificial grasses are as soft and cushioning as the real thing.

If you want to create a similar play area in your own garden, whether you want to keep a real lawn or not, then you need to put in some preparation before you think about how to lay Astroturf for the finished area.

How to Lay Astroturf for a Long-Lasting Play Area

Hire a turf-cutting machine if you can, as this speeds up the removal of the old grass. Now make sure any stones and old tree roots are removed for a perfectly flat and smooth surface. Add a layer of sharp sand and compact it, preferably with a compacting plate.

Next you'll need to lay a weed-suppressing membrane before you can unroll your Astroturf. Choose one that's particularly suited for a child's play area, preferably with a thick underlay. Make sure the pile runs the same way and the pieces butt up with no gaps, using tape to join pieces together. Finally, when you're satisfied with the effect, brush in some kiln-dried sand to keep your artificial grass draining well.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Some of the new playground grasses have anti-microbial protection for a more hygienic play surface and are highly rated for safety. Your kids will love being able to rough-and-tumble in all weathers without getting shouted out for treading mud all through the house. And once you've learned how to lay Astroturf, maybe you'll finish the whole lawn and never have to worry about mowing again!

If you're looking for artificial grass or Astroturf suitable for a kids' playground or just for a low-maintenance lawn, why not browse our comprehensive range of products? Once you've made your selection, just get in touch and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to advise you on the best artificial lawn for your garden.