Things to Consider Before Extending an Artificial Lawn

Make sure you order a new piece of grass that is the same make as the original. However, be aware that it will look slightly different, as it's unlikely to be from the same batch of grass.

You'll need to peel back the original turf, so do it carefully so as not to damage the grass, and make sure you match up the direction of the pile as that's the easiest mistake to make.

How to lay Astroturf to Extend a Lawn

You'll need to prepare the new area to be turfed exactly as you prepared the original area - by digging over the soil, removing any weeds and then laying a weed-suppressing membrane. It's essential that the area is exactly level, so use a spirit level to make sure there's no dip between the old and the new lawn.

You'll now need to match up the pile of the existing artificial grass with the new piece to be laid. Now use tape or a thin layer of adhesive beneath the join to stop the grass from buckling and to create a seamless integration between the two pieces. Make sure everything is perfectly aligned before you apply gentle pressure and adhere the pieces together.

Finally, when you're satisfied with the effect, nail the grass firmly into place. Spread with silica sand and brush in. Congratulations - you've learnt how to lay Astroturf to make your lawn even bigger and better!

Get the Right Lawn for You

Whether you simply want to extend an existing artificial lawn or whether your entire lawn needs replacing, we stock a wide range of beautiful artificial grass that's ideal for any type of installation. So why not browse the website and get in touch? We'll help you to make the decision that's right for your garden.