Investing in an artificial grass lawn is a really great move for lots of reasons, not least because it is so easy to care for and the maintenance needs are minimal. However, as with everything, the more you look after your fake grass, the longer it will last and the more you’ll get out of it. In this article we’ll talk you through the very best ways in which to care for your brand new lawn - read on to find out more.

Removing pollen, dust and airborne pollutants

There are always dust and pollen particles in the air, but the good news is that rainfall is by far the best cleaner for artificial grass, meaning you have to do very little on top of this to keep dust at bay. If there have been a few consecutive days with little rain then it’s a good idea to spray the grass down with a hose in order to keep it clean, but if you don’t have time then don’t worry - the English climate will ensure you have rain again before too long! If your grass is looking heavily soiled, then make up a solution with a mild household detergent and warm water and use a mop to clean the affected area.


Your artificial grass may suffer from the odd stain from time to time. It’s important to deal with this promptly as cleaning a fresh spill or stain is far easier than one that has had time to dry and harden. Take a plastic knife or spatula to the affected area if it is a solid or paste-like deposit. If the spillage is liquid then absorb it with a paper towel to ensure the spillage does not stain. You will find that artificial grass stands up very well to staining, and most things can be wiped or cleared away very easily.

When you have your artificial grass installed you will be issued with a full set of care and cleaning instructions. A reliable and knowledgeable company such as Express Grass will guide you through the cleaning process and answer any questions you may have. When you have artificial grass installed you can look forward to a beautiful, lush lawn all year long, with absolutely no mowing or weeding requirements.