Boxwood hedging is the traditional hedging which we most associate with stately homes and formal gardens. With its neat and tidy appearance, evergreen colour and dense foliage, it works on so many different levels. Of course, to get this look in your own home or business takes time and money. And living plants are not as predictable as we would wish. Soil types, disease and bad weather can all negatively affect the appearance of the hedge.

For this reason, artificial boxwood hedging is hugely popular with a number of professionals such as architects, landscapers and business owners. Those who know the look they want, and want it now, go for artificial boxwood. Produced on a plastic mat, artificial boxwood panels are easily connected together to create any size or style of hedging. Hedging can be dissembled and reassembled in new locations as needed.

101 Uses for Boxwood Hedging

Think of boxwood as nature's room dividers. A tall boxwood is the ideal divider between close neighbours, as it is more attractive and has more noise-reduction properties than wood. There's also something more agreeable about a boxwood. Wooden panels are only erected for privacy, whereas a boxwood is a beautiful and natural-looking feature.

In cafes and public spaces, a lower boxwood communicates a division of space without cutting off anyone's line of sight. This is a great tool to use for indoor cafes in shopping centres to give your customers the comfort of being away from the hustle and bustle.

But it's not just cafe owners who are utilising boxwood indoors. Shops and services looking to offer a buffer between their business and areas of high footfall, and those who want to bring more of the outdoors indoors, are also seeing the benefits.

Going up in the World

More and more, boxwood hedges are being used on balconies and roof gardens to create a genuinely private space in the middle of the city. Heavy containers full of soil are impractical, but boxwood tiles delivered in packages can be the perfect solution.

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