Restaurants are all about atmosphere, and sometimes that means helping customers to feel like they are somewhere they aren't. This is particularly true for restaurants serving foreign food or food that is evocative of particular environments. Sometimes using artificial boxwood hedges and other synthetic greenery is a great way of creating this kind of atmosphere and providing a powerful illusion of being transported to another location.

Architectural Displays

Architectural displays are often required to create mock-ups and simulations of environments that have not yet been constructed properly or showcase features and elements that can be used in those environments. This is true for outdoor environments as well as indoor ones, but sometimes the requirements of the venue dictate that the displays must be located indoors even if the place they represent is outdoors.

This is where arti

ficial boxwood hedges, and things in the same "family" such as synthetic grass come into their own, convincingly depicting outdoor environments without dying as a result of being indoors.

Art Installations

Artists, as with architects, sometimes want to recreate or simulate one environment in another one, and this often means recreating an outdoor space indoors. Just as with architecture, synthetic boxwood hedging and other related products provide a realistic and natural-looking way to create life-sized representations of outdoor spaces indoors.

And there is no need to worry about plants dying off if the installation remains in place too long because they were not getting enough sunlight or other growing requirements to meet their needs.

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