Provide Flip-Flops

If you're having a home reception, providing comfortable footwear is a really nice touch. A big bucket of flip-flops in various sizes will keep your guests' feet sweet-smelling all day, although for those who don't want to swap heels for flats, synthetic grass means their heels won't disappear in the mud!

Traditional Lawn Games

Quoits, skittles, bowls and even a coconut shy are all ideas for outdoor games that you can play on your artificial lawn. Or you could bring out some old childhood favourites like Twister. All of these are a lot of fun when played after a few drinks, but if you want to try croquet, find a set with free-standing hoops, as any kind of pegs will tear holes in your lawn.

Be Creative with Canopies

You won't be able to use any structure that needs pegging down, as you can ruin your synthetic grass, so get creative with garden sails and pop-up structures to provide shade. If it does rain and your guests need to seek shelter indoors, then at least no one will be treading mud all over your house.

Keep Calm and Go Retro

The relaxed retro look for weddings has grown in popularity over the last five years, and using mismatched crockery and even furniture means you can keeps costs low because you can borrow from friends and family and also means you're bang on trend. Best of all, even if you have plenty of guests and heavy furniture on your synthetic lawn, a quick sweep and it'll look beautiful again.

A new synthetic lawn can be more cost-effective than you think, especially when you factor in the low maintenance. Take a look at the full range on our website, and then contact us for more details.