Finding the Perfect Location

TV and film crews prefer using artificial grass turf for a number of reasons. First of all, they know that a green lawn is attractive and mud spots are definitely out. Secondly, good artificial turf can be installed in almost any location. This means that when a crew finds the perfect sunny spot next to the river, they don't need to worry that the moisture levels of the earth make a beautiful lawn unlikely.

Quick and Easy to Install

And even when the location has a lawn of its own, the producer is likely to still lay artificial turf. This is because artificial turf is more dependable than real turf, doesn't flatten or become muddy under heavy footfall and, of course, is easy to install. When a fresh green lawn of turf can be laid in a couple of hours, there's really no reason not to use it.

Haven't I Seen You Before Somewhere?

But what might surprise you the most is how often the same grass is re-used across locations. Because it is so convenient to install and remove, artificial grass is a great choice for crews who use lots of new locations. This is also an advantage favoured by many people who choose to rent or buy a property short-term. Artificial grass turf can be laid and removed and re-used again and again 

Get Movie-Star Good Looks on a Budget

While some things on TV will always be unobtainable, it's good to know that the perfect lawn isn't one of them. Artificial grass turf is both attractive and surprisingly affordable. And we have a great range of products across all styles and budgets, plus everything you need to install your new lawn. So take a look. Your new star is here, just waiting to be discovered.