Give It a Sweep

A regular brush-up will help you keep your artificial grass looking immaculate. A build-up of dirt and leaves can prevent your lawn from draining freely, encouraging any seeds dropped by trees or birds to start taking root.

A gentle but vigorous brushing once a month with a stiff outdoor brush will help you to avoid any problems and will help the grass to spring back. Reinvigorating the pile in this fashion keeps the grass looking fresh.

Move It Around

Not the artificial turf itself, but any heavy objects that might be resting on it. Just like real blades of grass, synthetic blades will eventually lose their flexibility and ability to spring back if they're continually flattened for a long period of time. So periodically rearrange your furniture or any statues that you might have to keep your lawn looking its very best.

Give It a Rinse

Rainwater is wonderful for washing away any debris and pet mess that might be clinging to your synthetic grass. But when the rain stays away, you'll need to give it a rinse and an occasional wash-down with warm soapy water to keep it mess-free and hygienic. If this is a particular concern because of pets and children using the same lawn, then invest in regular treatments with a specialised artificial grass cleaning and deodorising product.

Be Aware

However real your artificial lawn looks, it is made of plastic, so barbecuing and smoking near your pristine lawn is a no-no! Extreme heat can melt the grass and be difficult to repair, effectively ruining all your hard work.

Ask the Experts

If you're making the switch because you need an easy-care lawn that saves on your water bills and is ideal for pets and children, then browse the website for the artificial grass you like. Once you've made your choice, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to advise you on looking after your new lawn.