Don't Overdo It

Boxwood hedges are quite prominent things with a tendency to attract the eye. It doesn't take an awful lot of hedging to create a dominant feature with a really commanding presence over other features in the same space. This isn't a bad thing in itself, but it does mean you should be careful not to overdo it. With a few very specific exceptions, such as creating a maze or going for particular effects, it is generally best not to completely fill up a space with row upon row of boxwood hedges.

Think About Long-term Maintenance

If you are choosing traditional natural boxwood hedges over synthetic ones, then you need to give careful thought to the matter of maintaining them. Boxwood hedges require regular maintenance, from simple watering to very neat and precise trimming, to ensure they keep their distinctive shape. Otherwise, they will quickly become shaggy, unkempt, and misshapen, and dead leaves will reduce the healthy green look they had when newly installed.

Consider Artificial Hedges

If maintenance is going to be a problem or even just too much of an inconvenience, consider going for artificial boxwood hedging instead. Visually, synthetic hedges are very hard to tell from the real thing even up close, but they require next to no maintenance and will stay looking great, vibrant, and freshly and precisely trimmed at all times, making them a much easier and more practical option than natural hedges for many people and organisations.

For more information about artificial boxwood hedging, the benefits, and the process of having it installed, please look over some of the other pages of this site, where we have made a lot of useful information readily available. Alternatively, call or email us directly for a more in-depth and personal chat that will help answer whatever questions you have.