Girls Allowed

Whatever the footwear, from boho flip-flops to spiky stilettos, it's all welcome on your new artificial grass turf lawn. Where high heels can sink into a muddy lawn or pull out large divots, damaging the surface, an artificial lawn will happily soak up any punishment. And because it doesn't get muddy, all your guests will be more comfortable - and your carpets will thank you, too.

Al Fresco Appetisers

An artificial lawn is perfect for your outdoor dining table and chairs, as it won't get ruined after a couple of months of constant use and will spring back full of life. Better still, any food and drink spills are easy to clean away with the hosepipe. One word of caution: if you love to barbecue, set yours up on a patio or decking, where it can't melt your artificial grass turf! The same goes for smoking, so make sure you provide plenty of ashtrays for any smokers you know. Otherwise, enjoy the freedom to use your fuss-free garden in all weathers

Stargazing Live

We've all been inspired by Brian Cox to pay more attention to the skies, and what better time than on a lovely warm summer's evening? Choose a luxurious artificial grass turf, and it'll be absolutely perfect to lie on for a spot of stargazing - and all the better if you share it with that special someone.

If you're ready to switch out your tired old lawn for some high-quality, low-maintenance artificial grass this summer, then we're here to help. Just browse the website and then get in touch when you're ready to order. You'll be enjoying the beauty of your new lawn in no time.